A.S.K. Technologies A.S.K. Technologies is a supplier of vision and automation solutions, mold monitoring, mold protection and robotic systems.
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Mold Monitoring

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A.S.K Technologies is a world class supplier of vision and automation which strives to provide the best products and solutions for our customers. Through the integration of vision, A.S.K ensures accuracy and quality to medical, phamaceutical, biomedical, aerospace, automotive, electronic, packaging and other industries dealing with injection molding. Along with our hands on experts and a combined 25 years of experience in mold protection, machine vision, automation and dynamic results, A.S.K. Technologies also provides its customers with a consulting team, professional design services, quality in-house custom machining, complete installations, programming, and more. Our outstanding customer service representatives are standing by to take your calls and answer any questions, concerns, or comments, you may have. See how A.S.K. Technologies can work for you!



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