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Mold Monitor System

Mold Monitor SystemMold monitor system utilizing cameras for detection.

  • Multiple options available – 1 or 2 picture, 1 or up to 4 cameras, or a switchable system that allows for multiple cameras and or 1 or 2 pictures. Standard resolution, high resolution, and color cameras are also available.
  • Quick and simple setup – select the desired number of cavities, position search regions over individual cavities, train the system on the empty cavities, run the press.
  • Save time when changing molds – Once you have setup the cavities for a specific mold once you can save that setup in the camera, and the next time you run that mold simply load the corresponding job from the camera and the setup is complete.
  • Integrated high frequency LED ring light allows for minimal setup and space when positioning the camera.
  • Custom camera brackets can be made to suite your mounting needs.
  • Each system can protect up to 16 cavities, more upon request.
  • Smallest and most compact design to date.
  • Application Examples: Insert Molding, Short Shot Detection, Part Presence or Absence Detection, Runner Presence or Absence Detection, Before and After Shot Inspection.

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